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  • Jubi's latest official website
    Jubi's latest official website
    Founded in 2013, is one of the world's first online digital asset trading platforms. In 2020, was wholly-owned by Singapore Uniweb Group, and the new domain name JU.COM was launched. ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2020-12-26 00:18 | 阅读:75 | 回复:0
  • The OKEx market showed that the price of BTC broke through 20000USDT, the highest was 20800USDT, and it is now reported at 20649USDT, a 24-hour increase of 6.4%.……
    作者:admin | 时间:2020-12-16 23:28 | 阅读:34 | 回复:0
  • Huobi quotation shows that BTC broke through 20000 USDT and is now at 20000.5 USDT, which is a 4.5% increase in 24H.……
    作者:admin | 时间:2020-12-16 23:03 | 阅读:36 | 回复:0
  • Dear OKEx users:OKEx will officially launch ZEN Margin Trading, Yubibao and ZENUSDT Perpetual Contracts on the web, APP and API at 15:00 (HKT) on November 27, 2020. The detailed rules are as follows:1 ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2020-11-29 00:49 | 阅读:44 | 回复:0
  • Huobi latest official website
    Huobi latest official website
    Huobi Global is the most secure bitcoin trading platform, providing real-time price charts of bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and other multi-currency. It has the most digital currency transactions and in ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2020-10-1 22:22 | 阅读:285 | 回复:0
  • Binance's latest official website
    Binance's latest official website
    Binance is the world's leading digital currency trading platform, providing mainstream digital currency transactions such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BNB, USDT, etc. Binance's official website pro ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2020-9-30 12:24 | 阅读:263 | 回复:0
  • BTC is expected to increase the mining difficulty to 4.80% in 5 days and 6 hours
    BTC is expected to increase the mining difficulty to 4.80% in 5 days and 6 hours
    According to data from, the current unconfirmed transaction volume of Bitcoin is 43,793, the total network computing power is 138.77 EH/s, and the 24-hour transaction rate is 3.43 txs/s. The c ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2020-9-29 03:13 | 阅读:285 | 回复:0
  • OKcoin,OKEx The latest official website is
    OKcoin,OKEx The latest official website is
    The latest official website is is one of the latest batch of digital currency trading websites, the platform is stable, reliable and trustworthy!OKEx is the world's leading ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2020-9-25 14:56 | 阅读:309 | 回复:0
  • Huobi Pool Mine BTC and get ELA + HPT
    Huobi Pool Mine BTC and get ELA + HPT
    Dear users,In order to increase the earnings of miners, Huobi Pool will distribute the joint mining income of ELA to BTC or BCH miners, and the distribution will begin on May 6 (GMT+8), 2019.Distribut ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2019-5-12 10:01 | 阅读:973 | 回复:0
  • Trigger Orders Now Live On Huobi DM
    Trigger Orders Now Live On Huobi DM
    Dear valued users,Huobi DM has already launched Trigger order , by setting a trigger, it lets users place stop losses and take profits orders when there is high market volatility.What is trigger order ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2019-5-12 09:48 | 阅读:1284 | 回复:0
  • Dear valued customers,We have received plenty of feedback from thousands of OKB supporters since we suggested the OKB “Buy-back Burn” scheme on Apr 28, 2019. We decided to make the following adjust ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2019-5-11 23:26 | 阅读:195 | 回复:0
  • Dear users,Huobi Global has now resumed the deposit and withdrawalof IOTA.Sorry for the inconveniencethat causedduring the suspension.Huobi Global Official Announcement Channel: ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2019-5-7 23:30 | 阅读:355 | 回复:0
  • Dear valued customers,April 28, 2019 marks the first anniversary of OKEx's global utility token, OKB. Since launched a year ago on our spot market, OKB has gained the support of over 1 million users f ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2019-5-4 10:38 | 阅读:248 | 回复:0
  • Dear Community,Binance Chain launches its mainnet and plans to execute Mainnet Swap on April 23, 2019.Please note that all dates are only our best estimates and are subject to change depending on how ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2019-4-22 21:41 | 阅读:417 | 回复:0
  • Dear user:Binance will be launched on the MITH/USDT trading market on April 19, 2019 at 18:00 (Hong Kong time), inviting you to experience!Risk Warning: Digital currency is a high-risk investment meth ...……
    作者:admin | 时间:2019-4-20 21:44 | 阅读:251 | 回复:0





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